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Because our practitioners specialize in the most advanced liposuction available today, we can offer you the best possible prices. Our easy-to-understand and affordable pricing below includes everything you need for the procedure. Visit our Financing Page for monthly payment options.

  Regular Price Limited Time Offer
Chin/Neck $2500.00 per area $1495.00 per area
Jowls $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Arms $3000.00 per area $1250.00 per area
Chest $1500.00 per area $1250.00 per area
Front Bra Rolls $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Back Rolls $1500.00 per area $1250.00 per area
Buffalo Hump $1795.00 per area $1250.00 per area
Flanks $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Upper Abdominal $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Lower Abdominal $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Love Handles $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Hips $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Outer Thighs $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Inner Thighs $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Inner Knees $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Banana Rolls $1200.00 per area $995.00 per area
Pubic Area $1795.00 per area $1250.00 per area
Buttocks $1500.00 per area $1250.00 per area
*Ask a Patient Coordinator about Combo Specials for these Areas.
*Refer to the Pacific Mommy Makeover or the Pacific Manly Makeover for additional savings!

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