Achieving Kardashian Curves with a BBL

Do you wish to be as curvy as the Kardashians? Brazilian Butt Lift can grant your wish fast. Learn more about the procedure and why it is a viable option.


What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?


The Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves fat transfer from areas with excess fat to the buttocks. With this procedure, your surgeon will remove fat from your back, abdomen, or thighs and inject them into your buttocks. The result is a more rounded, lifted, and voluminous appearance.


Kardashian Curves and BBL


Who wouldn’t want to have an hourglass figure like the Kardashians? This figure is quite sought-after but is challenging to achieve, especially if your genetics won’t allow it. If you desire to have Kardashian curves, but the natural method (diet and exercise) won’t work or takes too much time and you do not want implants, BBL is the way to go.

BBL uses your fat instead of artificial devices to achieve the figure you want. The surgeon will remove excess fat in your midsection, leaving you with a smaller waist. The fat will go to your butt, so it becomes more defined, lifted, and rounder.


The Procedure


The BBL procedure is performed under general anesthesia and involves the following steps:

  • The surgeon first makes small incisions to get the fat and then inserts a cannula to suction out the excess fat

  • The fat is then purified to remove impurities, excess fluids, or damaged cells

  • The purified fat is then injected into the buttocks


The Recovery Process


Like any other surgical procedure, there is a recovery time. After BBL, you must wear a compression garment for several weeks to reduce swelling and support healing. You are also prohibited from sitting or lying on the buttocks for at least two weeks.

Additionally, you will need to sleep on your stomach or side for the first few weeks. Any strenuous physical activity, particularly bouncing, is also not advised.




Changes in your buttocks will be apparent after the surgery. However, it will take six months to see the final result. You can expect a more defined waistline, fuller and rounder buttocks, and a more balanced, proportionate body shape.

BBL results are long-lasting. With proper diet and exercise, you can maintain your new curves indefinitely.




BBL is an excellent option for those looking to achieve a more balanced, proportionate appearance, like the Kardashians’ curves. But it is essential to note that BBL is not for everyone. You need to be healthy and have extra fat to qualify for the procedure. You should also avoid sitting and sleeping on your back for many weeks afterward.

BBL is an attractive option, but it is best if you also know the risk involved in the procedure. Take time to learn more about the process before you make any decision. Consult with your doctor to know if BBL is viable for you.

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