Brazilian Butt Lift Orange County

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure to improve the size and shape of the buttocks. It involves taking fat from some of the most problematic areas of your body and transplanting them to your buttocks. Think of it as a body sculpting procedure to improve your appearance in multiple areas, not just your buttocks.


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An internationally renowned plastic surgeon named Dr. Ivo Pitanguy invented the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in Brazil. His passion was helping patients achieve their dream physique with a safe and effective butt augmentation procedure. By the time Dr. Pitanguy died in 2016, the Brazilian Butt Lift had become the most famous butt augmentation procedure in the world. Call us today to schedule your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery consultation: (888) 575-8898


How is the Brazilian Butt Lift different from other butt lift procedures?


Brazilian Butt Lifts is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for enhancing the appearance of the buttocks. First, the surgeon uses liposuction to extract fat from undesirable areas, such as your thighs, hips, and abs. Afterward, the fat is implanted into your buttocks using an injection or grafting procedure.


You can expect the following results:


  • Tighter and fuller buttocks

  • Youthful and more toned buttocks

  • Attractive and proportional body curves

  • Improved body symmetry

  • Better self-confidence

  • More attractive to others


Imagine having smaller love handles and a more voluminous behind. The Brazilian Butt Lift can help you achieve the buttocks you’ve always dreamed about having on your body.


Do you qualify for the Brazilian Butt Lift?


Most healthy adults with at least some excess body fat are eligible for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Talk with one of our plastic surgeons about your interest in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift because they can help you figure out your health risks if any. However, anyone with an existing chronic health condition like uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, or depression may not qualify.


What are your credentials for Brazilian Butt Lift Orange County?


Pacific Lipo has a staff of experienced cosmetic surgeons who have administered Brazilian Butt Lifts to thousands of patients. Our surgeons possess the necessary licenses, certifications, education, training, and experience to ensure a positive outcome for our patients. Therefore, you can feel confident in our ability to perform a successful Brazilian Butt Lift procedure that satisfies all your preferences.


Request a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation


Are you interested in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift to improve your body’s proportions and appearance? If so, you will want to contact Pacific Lipo in Orange County today. Pacific Lipo offers consultations to new patients interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic surgeon in Orange County. (888) 575-8898

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