Pacific Manly Makeover


Pacific Lipo's specially designed liposculpture package for men who want to look their best and improve their shape.

As men age, their bodies change despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. Love handles seem to protrude more, the six pack is well protected by a layer of fat, and what is this new development – man boobs?

Pacific Lipo has packaged together the most common lipo procedures for men who are trying to fight off that stubborn fat and improve their shape. The Pacific Manly Makeover not only targets the full abdomen and love handles, but also the chest which is commonly referred to as "man boobs".

This combination of areas reshapes the body to give men a more fit and healthy appearance, which in turn boosts confidence and self esteem. 

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Upper & Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Flanks & Chin 
Chest for

Save when you package these areas together and ask for the 
Pacific Manly Makeover! 
*Patients may be subjected to additional BMI charges and Anesthesia Fees

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