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Achieving significant weight loss can be a transformative experience. It can improve health, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. However, after shedding a significant amount of weight, the skin and underlying tissues may not be able to adjust and conform to the new, smaller body shape. That can result in sagging skin and pockets of excess fat. Body contouring surgery, also known as post-bariatric or post-weight loss surgery, aims to address these issues.

A tummy tuck procedure is suitable for most people with a moderate to high degree of skin laxity (droopy skin).

Obesity or being overweight is harmful to your health and well-being. However, hearing your doctor confirm a need for weight loss can be worrying and upsetting. Over 30 percent of the adult population in the United States has a body mass index of 30 or more and is obese. Read on to learn when it is medically necessary to lose weight.

Americans have been battling obesity for many years. Its prevalence tripled in the United States between 1960 and 2010, from 13 to 36 percent. Most people going through this recognize their struggle and become frustrated in their journey to lose weight. Semaglutide has proven to turn the tide in the quest to lose weight among people suffering from obesity. Read on to learn more. 

Skin doesn’t stay smooth and elastic forever. As you get older, your skin will begin to sag, wrinkle, and develop fine lines. These unattractive signs of old age can appear on any area of your face or body.

Full recovery/healing from rhinoplasty takes approximately one year on average. The period may seem long, but it becomes more manageable over time. Usually, patients will start feeling better and back to normal within a matter of days or weeks. The recovery timeline is not standard for everyone; however, here is what you may expect after the operation.

Both liposuction and liposculpture are cosmetic procedures that help people improve and achieve their ideal physique. While they may seem similar, there are a few unique differences. Before undergoing either procedure, it is advisable to know them in detail.

Breast augmentation has grown in popularity over the years. There is a variety to pick from for women to get the ideal implants that give them natural-looking and beautiful results. The most crucial thing to consider when getting a breast enlargement is the type, shape, and size of breast implants you want.

Bearing children is rewarding in many respects, but it does take a toll on your body. The most common cosmetic symptoms of having children include saggy breasts, stubborn belly fat, love handles, and loose skin on various parts of the face and body.

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective technique for adding tone and definition to your buttocks without implanting artificial materials or devices

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